Managing Conflict in an Age of Lies


Managing Conflict in an Age of Lies

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Presented by Collaborative Global Initiative
and Earth Design International

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Conflict resolution techniques have evolved over the decades.  At one time, people could agree to disagree.  Then the legal profession became involved and threatened legal action if their clients were not granted their wishes.  Soon, public outrage erupted; personal attacks flung at local government staff, consultants recommendations and decisions that divided presented different conclusions geared to support the respective client.  In the last five years something even more disturbing has begun to take up media space.  People are knowingly giving false statements.  What was once the purview of the stage is now taken centre stage. There is a struggle taking place. Some now appear to accept lies as a means to an end, others are frustrated by the difficulty to get to the truth. It is beyond two opposing sport teams; at least in sport there are referees.

Join us for these intense 45 minute webinars as we explore “Conflict in the Age of Lies”. Webinars include a free e-book with references and details from the webinar. The last fifteen minutes will be participant dialogue.

There will be six sessions in this webinar series. Please select all sessions or just the ones that interest you below.  All 6 webinars $89, Single session $19. 

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1: Truth or Consequence: January 26, 2017
2: The Politics of Conflict: February 23, 2017
3:  Outrageous Arguments: March 16, 2017
4:  Dare to be Bold: April 20, 2017
5:  Conflict Arising: May 25, 2017
6: Moving Beyond: June 22, 2017

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